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London Fashion Week 2018 saw the launch of an exciting new clothing and footwear collection – the result of a close collaboration between fashion designer Bowen Dryden and shoe designer Diane Hassall.

The launch of Bowen Dryden’s first own-label fashion collection will feature the Kookychu footwear range. The launch took take place on Saturday 17th February as part of The House of iKons catwalk show. Both Bowen Dryden and Hassall have backgrounds in bridal couture but this is their first collaborative foray into designing clothing and footwear for the mainstream couture market.

Bowen Dryden has a worldwide profile in haute couture and is well known in the bridal industry for designing distinctive bridal collections. She has worked alongside many of the world’s top fashion houses in London and Paris and now creates exclusive bespoke bridal and evening gowns for individual clients in addition to her own bridal collection.

Diane Hassall has been designing exclusive footwear for over 25 years and sells her bridal shoes around the world. She constantly strives to elevate the bridal shoe to new levels and is regarded as a trailblazer in her field.

Drawing on their shared love of luxurious texture, sensual fabrics and exquisite embellishment, these two innovative designers have maximised their natural synergy which reaches a glorious crescendo in this gorgeous new collection. The flamboyant clothing collection features Bowen Dryden’s classic trademark of exclusively designed embroidered embellishments, which in turn have inspired Kookychu, the original and out there footwear collection.

The focus is on fearless florals and sumptuous bohemian beading, delicately stitched on to glamorous gold-shot tweed, sensual organza and sleek satin. The bold and beautiful colour palette includes shades of poppy red, caramel and candy, moss green and rich black.

With the emphasis on opulent embroidery and elegant shapes, Bowen Dryden’s collection is perfectly complemented by the Kookychu label, in which Hassall and Bowen Dryden ramp up the glam with breathtakingly bold details such as ostrich feathers, silk ruffles and super-sparkly trims.  Statement pieces include foxy feather-trimmed ankle boots and stunning scarlet beaded mules.

Not wanting to abandon their roots in bridal couture entirely, Bowen Dryden will also send a smattering of sophisticated pastel-coloured wedding gowns down the runway, perfectly complemented by Kookychu label shoes in shades of rich chartreuse, pale mint green and ballet slipper pink.

Chic and colourful works of art in their own right and infused with a quirky devil-may-care vibe, together, Bowen Dryden and Diane Hassall’s Kookychu shoes deliver divine rock‘n’roll romance with an edgy, sexy punch.