Having a unique bridal gown created by a highly experienced top designer can be a truly exciting and emotional experience, so with this in mind Sharon will reassure the bride at every step in the process of creating her gown from design to finish. With a keen eye for fashion and impeccable taste, Sharon will work with the bride to create her own exclusive and unique gown.

The design process starts with an informal chat about the style and feel of the wedding, taking into consideration the location and concept of both the ceremony and the reception venue, so she can obtain an overall picture of the day. Sharon will then advise accordingly on the type of silhouette best suited to the individual bride and her event.

With hundreds of swatches of the finest exotic silks, satins, velvets and laces sourced from around the world and a palette of 150 colours, Sharon will guide the bride in her selection of fabric and colour and then sketch the initial ideas from which the gown will ultimately emerge.

For the finishing touches, finer details such as Swarovski crystal beading, applique, hand-painted motifs or any other embellishments can be discussed and added to the final design.

Each gown is individually made to measure, so an extensive set of body measurements will be taken; from these a toile of the gown will be made in soft cotton calico for the bride’s very first fitting. Once the toile has been checked and adjusted the individual pattern is made and the gown is cut in the bride’s chosen fabrics.

The gown is then carefully crafted and impeccably fitted to the bride: the first fit will check the garment is sitting correctly; the second fit ensures any alterations are accurate; a third fit may be required in the case of any weight change; the final fit will take place approximately 2 weeks before the wedding.

At all stages Sharon encourages the bride to comment on the fit and feel of the gown, and she will suggest any additional design features to enhance it. Sharon believes a couture gown evolves over time and that it is a collaboration between the bride and the designer to create a truly magical, unique and beautiful gown. Nothing other than perfection will suffice for the most important item of clothing a bride-to-be will ever wear.